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Compliant destruction of sensitive materials

Increased regulations, consumer demands for protection of personal information, and needs to protect corporate reputation make timely, secure shredding an essential part of a successful records management program. Holding information beyond its required retention period incurs additional storage costs and leaves you vulnerable to risks of misuse, disclosure, legal discovery, and non-compliance.

Benefits of Sierra Data Management Secure Offsite Shredding:
■ Compliance expertise: FACTA, HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, SEC
■ Assurance to consumers and partners that you’ll safeguard their information
■ Protects you with strict security practices and an unbroken chain-of-custody
■ Certificate of destruction, providing you a legal audit trail
■ Optional video proof of descrution for additional security measures

Here's How It Works!
Materials to be shred are picked up by Sierra Data Management trained staff
Material is transported to Sierra Data Management’s secure facility & placed in secure shredding bins
Sensitive material is securely shredded and pulped for recycling - video recording (optional)
Invoice, video confirmation and certificate of destruction for audit trail is sent to client
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